What we do

KIFA will build on the established strengths of Kangaroo Island to promote the quality of the island’s natural values and assets and deliver sustainable economic and social development for the benefit of all residents. It is the lead agency for the oversight of government service delivery to Kangaroo Island.

KIFA is committed to delivering lasting benefits that result in increased employment, higher incomes for islanders, reliable and modern infrastructure and world recognition for tourism, food, wine, arts and lifestyle.

Achievements will include:

  • Positioning the island as one of Australia’s top four tourist icons in national and international markets.
  • A community that is supported by strong economic and environmental sustainability.
  • Creating a brand that is known throughout the world for its sustainability, quality and safe fresh produce industries, including honey, sheep dairy, grains and seafood.
  • An island recognised for its modern and innovative infrastructure, supported by cost effective transport services.

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what we do